Memphis May Fire Ink with Trustkill Records

The five guys in Memphis May Fire are surely having a good day. The Dallas hardcore band is officially on the Trustkill Records roster. For the time being, the label as posted a pretty picture of MMF on the opening page of its site with the line: "The most exciting thing happening in Texas."

We're aware of a whole lot of exciting things happening in Texas (watch for the Best of Dallas issue later this month), but, we admit, we're pretty damn proud of the MMF guys. Trustkill is the home to one of this writer's favorite hardcore bands, NORA. The DC-9 crew is looking forward to hearing the tracks of MMF's first Trustkill record, which is slated to hit stores Dec. 4.

We'll keep you updated on MMF's progress at Trustkill, and -- just maybe -- we'll get you a sneak peek at a track or two off the upcoming disc. Until then, you can stream "History of Mercia" on the label's site. -- Chelsea Ide

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