Some albums require a few listens before they sink in, but Get It On, the debut EP by Dallas' Microphoner (the "I play all the instruments" moniker of Danny Malone), is the exact opposite. Jangly piano-pop rules this roost, replete with handclaps, mandolins and airy guitar riffs. Though poorly produced, GIO proves in six songs that Malone knows how to write and play the kinds of Ben Folds-loving hooks that could make a crowd at The Door swoon. Unfortunately, the same has to be said for crybaby lyrics like "With a sweet kiss, I can close your eyes/Please darling don't cry/Because you'll always be mine." Preteens might gobble up the high school poetry, as delivered by Malone's whiny vocal imitation of Ben Kweller, but otherwise, his cringe-worthy lyrics ruin a catchy, if formulaic, pop-rock debut.
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sam Machkovech