Midlake Curates Upcoming Compilation and Covers Black Sabbath's "Am I Going Insane"

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Last we heard, Midlake was back at work, writing some material for a follow-up to 2010's The Courage of Others, a disc that scored pretty much as highly as possible in Europe but gained little traction in the States. As intent as they may be on following up that release, though, it looks like the band's just bought itself some more time.

On April 4, Midlake's name will be slapped on top of the latest in a series of compilation albums called LateNightTales, in which the UK-based company behind the moniker invites bands to compile their 19 favorite tracks while keeping in mind that, as the series title implies, they're looking for songs that go especially well with late night listening.

Midlake's offering -- the 25th in the series, which has also featured compilations from Snow Patrol, Arctic Monkeys, The Flaming Lips, Air and others -- should go a long way in helping to tide over the Denton band's fanbase, too. In addition to a tracklisting that sees the band giving props to acts such as Bjork, Beach House, Rodriguez, Nico and (of course) Fairport Convention, among others, there's also a special treat from Midlake thrown in -- a cover of Black Sabbath's "Am I Going Insane," which you can stream, in part, over on Pitchfork.

After the jump, check out the full tracklisting for the compilation and watch a teaser clip for the release.

Tracklisting for Midlake's LateNightTales:

1. Bob Carpenter: "Silent Passage"

2. Bread Love & Dreams: "Time's the Thief"

3. Fairport Convention: "Genesis Hall"

4. Steeleye Span: "The Blacksmith"

5. Lazarus: "Warmth of Your Eyes"

6. Espers: "Caroline"

7. Jimmie Spheeris: "Esmaria"

8. Scott Walker: "Copenhagen"

9. Midlake: "Am I Going Insane" (Black Sabbath cover)

10. Björk: "Unravel"

11. Beach House: "Silver Soul"

12. Sandy Denny: "Carnival"

13. The Flying Burrito Brothers: "Christine's Tune"

14. Jan Duindam: "Happiness & Tears"

15. Twice as Much and Vashti: "Coldest Night of the Year"

16. Rodriguez: "Crucify Your Mind"

17. Nico: "These Days"

18. The Band: "Whispering Pines"

19. Will Self: "The Happy Detective - Part 4"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.