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Midlake's June 5 Show Moved From Palladiuam To Hailey's Club

There've been grumbles coming from Denton ever since Midlake announced that their upcoming June 5 performance would be happening in Dallas at the Palladium Ballroom rather than somewhere in the band's hometown.

The grumbles got even louder when the ticket price was revealed--$25, after fees.

And that's before you count the cost of parking and booze.

Well, now you can relax, Denton: Midlake just announced that the show has been moved from the Palladium to Hailey's Club on the same night.

What's even better: The show will now only cost $10.

The reason for the move: "Ticket pre-sales weren't good," says Dentonite Jeremy Bueller, who'll also be performing on the bill, in opener John Grant's band.

Ticketmaster will give refunds for tickets purchased for the Palladium show at the point of purchase. And if you're too lazy, Hailey's will honor any Ticketmaster-purchased ticket for the Palladium show.

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