Mixtape Monday: Power Trip, Charlie B and More DFW in Your Monitors

There are quite a few notable local albums coming down the mountain, either now or in the near future. Look, I even made a short list:

Power Trip, "Brainwave" Dallas' finest thrash mechanics just released their three-song EP on Lockin' Out Records, and one of the songs is a Prong cover. Remember Prong? They're currently on tour, but return to Queen City Hall on April 13.

Charlie B, "Make You Proud" The 19-year-old Dallas singer is staying away from the whole "swag" rap scene, settling more into pop and R&B. It suits him, and he certainly has crossover appeal in the current climate of earnest Bieberocity. His new EP, Dreams Comes True, comes out this summer, and "Make You Proud" is the first single.

Salim Nourallah, "Unstoppable" Hit Parade, Nourallah's new album with The Treefort 5, comes out April 10. More pop excursions from the Dallas producer.

John Singer Sergeant, "Big Distortion" John Dufilho, one of Nourallah's friends and collaborators, also has a new album out April 10, John Singer Sergeant: The Music and Words of John Dufilho, which pairs the singer with locals like Sarah Jaffe and Ben Kweller. This one features the vocals of Will Johnson.

Preteen Zenith, "Damage Control" Tim DeLaughter's in another band? Yes, voice in my head, he is. Preteen Zenith's Rubble Guts & B.B. Eye will be available for Record Store Day on April 21, via Good Recordings, but here's a little taste of their track with everyone's favorite local collaborator, Erykah Badu.

Darrin Kobetich, "Primordial Soup" On the Fort Worth guitarist's new album, The Longest Winter, you can hear the discipline in his playing, especially since he tackles every genre from bluegrass to Middle Eastern. Looks like there will be a May 12 release party at Doc's in Fort Worth.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.