More Awesome Local Music Facial Hair!

We here at DC9 listen to you, dear readers. Your comments and views are near and dear to our black little hearts. And, after our last facial hair post got a ton of responses, we've figured out what you want.

You want more beards. We'll, we're here to give them to you.

Are beards sexy? Our informal survey says yes. Nothing says "I am man!" more than a Tom Selleck/Grizzly Adams thatch emerging from one's face.

Since the next Texas Beard Round-up isn't till March, please allow us to provide your furry face fix with this latest installment of picks for the best facial hair growers in the Dallas music scene. Check 'em out after the jump.

Danny Balis (The King Bucks): Several very angry readers wrote to us about our misstep in not including Balis on the last list. We are flattered by how much you guys care. Since we aim to please, here is the Balistache in all its glory.

Emil Rapstine (The Angelus): Billy Gibbons uses his beard to wipe away the tears of inferiority that fall beneath his sunglasses upon viewing the mighty chin thatch of Rasputin -- err, Rapstine.

Chris Johnson (Telegraph Canyon): Another frequent, adamant reader request. Deciding which member should represent Telegraph Canyon was a challenge -- several of them are sport wondrous whiskers. But Johnson wins by default for his spectacular angry face.

Ryan Williams (The Baptist Generals, Dust Congress): What if Dimebag Darrell had let his famous goatee grow all the way around his jawline rather than relegating it to just his chin? Ryan Williams, that's what.

Taylor Young (The O's): If he grew out that Bieber hair, he'd look like the lost Allman brother with that 'stache and sideburns double-whisker-whammy.

Ryan Thomas Becker (RTB2): The unkempt Woody Allen hair and glasses, plus neatly groomed mustache, are rapidly becoming an iconic image.

Joe Butcher (The King Bucks): The King Bucks are stocked with legendary facial fuzz, and Joe Butcher's perfect Burt Reynolds cop-stache is no exception.

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