More Lasers, Closer Seats Await Jonas Brothers Fans When Their World Tour Kicks Off at Cowboys Stadium

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Two days after George Strait closed out the biggest show on the planet, there's still trash from the show under the seats of Cowboys Stadium--and construction crews wrapping up work on the building--but, on the arena floor, it's all about prepping for the big Jonas Brothers show on June 20.

With an immense stage being assembled for the world tour that begins here in a few weeks, and a new album nearly here, the JoBros have plenty to talk about these days. So this morning, they just did what anyone does when they're feeling a little chatty: They held a press conference.

First they dished on the new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, coming out June 15, including an answer to the burning question, "What the hell does the name mean?"

"Lines are just the things people are feeding you," Nick Jonas explained, "and vines are things that get in your way." And the "trying times"? You're living in 'em, right now. Heavy.

Kevin said he hopes fans will really get a kick out of the band's new sound--if nothing else, it's got Pete impressed--at times a funk-influenced sound with horns. The elder Jonas mentioned Neil Diamond and The Zutons as particular inspirations this time around.

But Kevin really got going when describing the details of the new concert stage, which they've been practicing on inside the American Airlines Center. "It looks a little smaller now, inside this stadium," he said.

Sounding like he might've engineered the whole thing himself, Kevin described the band's stage for the world tour they'll begin in Arlington: It's 144 feet long, he said, with 200 lighting pieces, a 50-foot scissor lift and more lasers than ever before. It's got a huge water curtain that'll add to the effects and help keep the arena cool, too.

Best of all, the new stage is in the round, letting fans get ever more tantalizingly close to actually touching one of the Jonases.

And as for those foam-spewing fire hoses from the last tour, will they be back? Look out, kids.

"We don't want to say just yet," Kevin said. "We want our fans to be surprised."

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