More Sad Local Hip-Hop News

After the passing of Freewill and DJ Frantic, there has been yet another death in the DFW hip-hop world, according to a post from Money Waters local female emcee Money420 over at Money420 posted the news that EZ Eddie D lost his son.

Eddie has been a long-time supporter of hip-hop in the Dallas area as a producer, a DJ and on the airwaves at listener-supported community station KNON-89.3 FM. Eddie’s show, Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught, plays some of the best underground hip-hop on the radio every Saturday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., with a heavy emphasis on local music. Eddie has mentioned his son’s illness on the air a few times in recent weeks.

Station GM Dave Chaos said a few minutes ago that he hadn’t heard from Eddie, couldn’t confirm the news and didn’t know whether Eddie would do his show tomorrow. Judging by the responses to Money’s post, he won’t be alone in the studio if he does make it in, as several musicians have indicated they’ll be there in support. --Jesse Hughey


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