Steven Patrick Morrissey has, for the last several years, experienced something of a renaissance in his career. His last big radio hit, "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get," was released in 1994. And then he seemed to fade away. For the next 10 years, while bands like Creed, Korn and Limp Bizkit ruled the radio and the charts, the Pope of Mope lay in relative obscurity.

But with the release of You Are the Quarry in 2004, Morrissey seemingly came back from the dead. Sure, his music, in style and substance, was the same as when he faded from the scene 10 years prior. But it seemed that the world was once again ready to love the tortured soul that is Morrissey.  

Whether he's boasting his full-blown rockabilly swagger, crooning to one of his many uninterested lovers or spouting his opinion, one thing is always certain: The man can put on a show.  Never has anyone done so much with so little. He doesn't require pyro, dancers or flashy video screens behind him. All the man has to do is come onstage, walk around and give the mic cord the patented Morrissey flail, and the crowd comes alive. Even as it hates itself.

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