The Macho Man
The Macho Man

Mourning The Macho Man: Did You Know That Randy Savage Was Also A Rapper?

The world was saddened today to learn of the death of legendary professional wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Many of us remember Savage as one of the bastions of the golden age of professional wrestling. But we bet you don't remember his short-lived career as a recording artist: Macho Man released a rap album (yes, a rap album) in 2003, entitled Be A Man.

It has some tracks on it that stretch the boundaries of cheese -- including a diss track aimed at longtime rival Hulk Hogan. The title track, "Be a Man," features the following choice lyric: "The joke's on you, so Hulk, what you gonna do / Probably nothing 'cause you're a real big punk."

Who knew such poetry existed beneath that neon cowboy hat and mirrored shades?

In memory of this one-of-a-kind character, we suggest you snap into a Slim Jim, click on the jump, and have a listen as an American original waxes poetic on his songs "Be A Man" and "I'm Back." (Or, in his words: "Hope you're ready / The Savage Man's gonna rip the microphone like confetti.")

Macho Man Randy Savage -- "Be A Man"

Macho Man Randy Savage -- "I'm Back"


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