(Moving) Picture Show: Tuesday with Fair to Midland, The House Harkonnen, True Widow

BRAG ALERT: Maybe five people were able to catch True Widow, Dunes, The House Harkonnen and Fair to Midland all on Tuesday night, and I was one of them. It made for an awesome day, let me tell ya.

Better yet, let me link ya: True Widow and Dunes played a cool show in a hot setting apparently called "The Coats&Panties House" out in Lakewood; HK and FTM melted faces while packing them in like sardines at the Curtain Club in Deep Ellum.

I've got more proof, too. Above, you can watch an awesome video-captured True Widow performance of their song "Boaz," captured by Laura Carroll over at Radio UTD. Meanwhile, over on Sounded Like This -- possibly my new favorite blog in town because jeeeeeeeeeeez look at all those shiny free local bootleg downloads -- you can download portions of both True Widow and Dunes' garage show sets. And on Parade of Flesh's blog, you can see some more video, while reading up on True Widow's upcoming tours with Kurt Vile and with both Boris and Asobi Seksu.

And there's still more! After the jump, catch some straight-up amazing shots of FTM at the Curtain Club show, courtesy of our ace photo intern Alex Scott and our pal Mike Brooks of

Because two things, I think, are quite clear. 1.) More Tuesdays should be so awesome, and 2.) Technology rules.

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