Music Video Monday: Demi Lovato, Fungi Girls and Gaston Light Each Release New Clips...

It's been about a month since we wrote off Colleyville's Own Demi Lovato,

saying that she'd been officially overtaken as Disney's top starlet by her BFF, Grand Prairie's Own Selena Gomez

. Last week, though, Lovato struck back.

Well, not really. But she did release the music video for her new single, "Skyscraper," the lead single off her as-yet-untitled release expected this fall. The song, apparently, is meant as a response to all the crap she's been through lately -- and it certainly comes off like such. Since its release, a whole cavalcade of celebrities, including Burleson's Own Kelly Clarkson, have voiced their support for Lovato and the song on Twitter.

If nothing else, the song, while preformed with a somewhat trying breathy delivery, certainly stands as a refreshing change of pace for the young star.

Who knows? Maybe she has some fight left in her yet.

After the jump, a couple of other recently released clips from other young area talents, Fungi Girls and Gaston Light.

Cleburne's still incredibly young Fungi Girls have a new record,

Some Easy Way

, due out later this month for Hozac Records. And, based on the above clip for the lead single, "Velvet Days," it seems as if the young lo-fi rock outfit is aging well. Already,

Pitchfork has given the music video its stamp of approval, describing the video as a "trippy-as-balls clip."

Us? We seriously dig it, too. But all that face paint mostly just reminds us of the scene at an Ishi show. So, dear reader, we ask: How does Fungi Girls' face paint stack up with Ishi's?

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Idol Records has a new act on its hands that it plans to roll out in full this fall. The project's called Gaston Light, and the dude behind the moniker has a pretty interesting backstory. Jason Corcoran, 22, left Dallas when he was 18 and moved to Los Angeles in hopes of "making it." There, though, he mostly just got mixed up in drugs and alcohol -- and lots of it. Not too long ago, after a stint in Idaho, he returned home, sobered up, and started fully pouring himself into his music. The result is a debut album called


, which nicely straddles the line between country and rock. The folks at Idol seem pretty intent on calling him a "Bible-Belt Bruce Springsteen." Lofty praise, although we're not so sure it's fitting. Corocoran's a decent writer with an interesting, distinctively Texan delivery. But, no, he's no Boss. Got some potential, though. And "Half Awake," the song in his debut music video,

is currently available for download on iTunes

, too.

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