Music Video Monday: New Clips From Sunny Sweeney, Larry g(EE), Bornfree and The Orange

That charmer singing about a broken heart in the above clip is one Sunny Sweeney, a resident of Longview (just a short jaunt east along I-20, past Miranda Lambert's Lindale and Eisley's Tyler).

Now, here's the impressive thing: In addition to the above video, released just two weeks back, having 1.7 million views on YouTube, the song it promotes, "From a Table Away," is also the highest charting Billboard debut single from a female country artist in four years, according to this press release here on my desk. Not bad, not bad.

It's not really her first release, though. That'd be Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame, which she released for Big Machine in 2007. Her new album, Concrete, comes out a week from tomorrow on Republic Nashville (a subsidiary of Universal).

Semantics? Maybe. Either way, a nice breakup song from a female East Texan, even if that's something we're long familiar with. But, hey, the more the merrier, right?

Speaking of which, this is hardly the only recently released music video from around the region. After the jump, enjoy some new clips from the soulful Larry g(EE), the indie-popping The Orange and a new, quick-spitting Dallas rapper named Bornfree, who (of course) is trying his hand at giving Dallas' its own hip-hop anthem...

Larry g(EE) -- "Yo Mama"

The Orange -- "Nip/Tuck"

Bornfree -- "D Anthem"

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