My First Show: The Octopus Project's Toto Miranda Saw Weird Al -- And Sill Has The Shirt.

Welcome to a new feature here on DC9 called My First Show, where we give bands a chance to talk about the first shows they ever attended -- no matter how uncool and embarrassing those tales may be.

Austin four-piece The Octopus Project hits up the South Side Musical Hall tomorrow night as they wind down their Hexadecagon tour (watch the impressive trailer for the 360-degree display right here). Anticipate this show to be quite the set with members trading instruments between songs and pretty trippy visuals.

To help preview the band's performance, we recently caught up with drummer Toto Miranda from the band and asked him about his first show experience. Seems like he got to see "Weird Al" Yankovic on the tour where songs like "Smells Like Nirvana," "Taco Grande" and "The White Stuff" got plenty of attention.

This was the early '90s, and not everybody under 21 could see Nirvana, Pearl Jam or Soundgarden for their first show experience. Miranda details his experience after the jump.

What was the first show you saw?
The chronology is a little hazy, but it was either Weird Al or Aerosmith with Megadeth. In any case, Weird Al was easily the best performance of the three. Still got the T-shirt! It was a Nevermind album-art parody.

Were you with your parents?
Nope. I was dropped off and picked up. Freedom!

What was the first show you spent your own money on?
These were them! That Mailboxes Etc. job really paid off.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.