Neon Indian Gets Its Very Own Daytrotter Session

It was bound to happen sooner or later, I guess. So don't act too surprised by this news: This morning saw the release of Neon Indian's Daytrotter Session. These sessions, you'll recall, are live performances at the Rock Island production studio of the same name--and they're available as free downloads at the Daytrotter Web site.

It's an interesting listen--especially if you've yet to catch Neon Indian in a live setting---as the session recordings offer the same kind of song amp-up knob-tweaks as the band offers up when performing in front of a crowd. So don't expect the cleanest of sounds on these recordings--but, also, don't go in expecting to hear complete trash either. Neon Indian's live show, after all, has come a long way since its debut in Denton back in September (feels like longer, right?).

Anyway, the session offers up takes on each of the bands' big blog "Deadbeat Summer," "Should've Taken Acid With You," "Ephemeral Artery," and "Local Joke," the last of which seems to come off the best in this setting.

Definitely worth a listen.

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