Neon Indian Offers Sneak Peek of New Record

It's kind of mind-boggling to think of how Alan Palomo has found time to write and record new music for his side-project-turned-main-gig, Neon Indian.

Since blowing up a few years back, the guy's appeared to be omnipresent, saturating the blogosphere longer than anyone predicted with Flaming Lips collaborations and weird fan sites.

Chillwave wasn't supposed to last this long. It was supposed to be "so 2009." And yet Palomo still seems to be at the height of his career.

Somewhere in the midst of all his web-based goings-on, Palomo managed to get up to Helsinki, to work on the band's forthcoming record, set to come out later this year. But before the as-yet-unnamed record sees its release, Neon Indian just announced that they will hit the road for a summer tour that kicks off right here in Dallas with a performance at Homegrown Music and Arts Festival.

And, along with the band's big announcement comes a video featuring clips of Palomo's icy adventures in Helsinki -- plus, more importantly, a clip from a new song called "Heart: Attack," which will be featured on the new record.

The video, which can be viewed after the jump, was directed by Sean Lopez, who, according to Gorilla vs Bear (tip o' the cap, gents), is an Austin-based filmmaker.

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