Neon Indian To Collaborate With Das Racist?

Looks that way, if Twitter is to be believed. And when has Twitter ever done us wrong? Oh. Never mind.

But, hey, this actually seems fairly legit -- that the North Texas-sprung Neon Indian and beloved New York City-based post-ironic hip-hop group Das Racist have worked on a song together. That's what Das Racist said on the social networking site in the early morning hours today, at least -- and, yup, Neon Indian even retweeted it:

"our joint w @ is done. and it will make u into poop babies."

Makes sense on some level. After all, we know that Neon Indian has been feeling pretty collaborative of late, what with mastermind Alan Palomo working up some tracks alongside The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne and all.

Plus, both Palomo and members of Das Racist are, like, models for some Brooklyn fashion brand or something these days? Apparently. After the jump, watch a video of them posing in some superdopefresh clothes, if that's your thing. Bonus: The first half of the clip is scored to one of our favorite Neon Indian tracks, "Ephemeral Artery," which, really, we're shocked hasn't shown up on MTV's Skins yet. Or has it?

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