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Neon Indian to Join Brooklyn's The Antlers on Forthcoming EP

This year's Burst Apart from Booklyn's The Antlers is looking really good for our year-end top ten list. The expansive, textured, stoned-out pop goes over even better live than on the record, as we learned when the band passed through town at The Loft last June.

About a month before that show, we reported that members of The Antlers, who apparently live just up the street from Neon Indian's Alan Palomo, invited Palomo into the studio to film a live session of Burst Apart's stoner jam, "Rolled Together." The result was an extended version of the song, layered more densely than the original. Even more impressive was Palomo's ability to step outside his musical comfort zone and contribute so positively to the song with his keyboard.

Today, Pitchfork reports that the recording of the "Rolled Together" featuring Palomo will be added to a forthcoming eight-song outtakes EP set to be released on November 22 on Frenchkiss. Just to jog your memory, the video for the collaboration follows after the jump. Check it out.

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