Neon Indian To Release Deluxe Edition of Psychic Chasms, Stateside

Lately our coverage of Neon Indian has been a near-daily affair, but the Denton band just keeps cranking out big news. Earlier in the week we told you about the UK release of Psychic Chasms, featuring a bonus remix disc called Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed, which made us a little antsy to get our hands on a copy. But now there's this:

We just received word that a remastered double vinyl version of Psychic Chasms, including the bonus remixes, will be released in the US on September 28 thanks to their newly inked contract with Fader Label/Static Tongues.

In even more Neon Indian news, check out Palomo's four-year-old mug on this "10 Indie Celebrities Before They Were Famous" over at Flavorwire. They've put him up there with the likes of Conner Oberst, The Strokes, and Ben Gibbard.

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