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Nevada Hill of Bludded Head Has Cancer and, Like Most Artists, No Health Insurance

As Nevada Hill paints a large mural on the eastern wall of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, a giant heart in the middle whose many arteries extend all around it and each connect to its own building, he is coated in sunscreen and flecks of paint, and he is wearing a sort of tan sun hat with a brim that protects his head for 360 degrees. Under that hat is a rag that covers the back of his neck. If he has to be in the sun these days, this sort of protection is absolutely essential.

A couple of weeks ago, Hill, a DFW musician and artist, was diagnosed with melanoma, and he currently has no health insurance. His job doesn't offer it as part of its employment package, and out of his monthly pay there is no way he could afford to buy a private plan, even if he bought one with an outrageous deductible.

These were his two reasons before he was diagnosed with cancer. Now, just about any insurance company in the country will deny him coverage because he has a preexisting condition.

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