New Year's Round-Up

The area's full list of New Year's Eve concerts starts on page 3 of our New Year's Eve Guide; my top pick is the Barley House's Drams and Sorta bill, as Brent Best has eons of New Year's concert experience from his years in Slobberbone. Thing is, I'll arrive at the Barley late, because Chris Holt's Surrogate Band will recreate Pink Floyd's The Wall at the Granada Theater at 9:30 p.m., and that, folks, is a must-see piece of musical mimicry.

New Year's Eve Eve, meanwhile, will strain music fans on Friday night. On one side of town, the Double Wide will rock out with the reunited Golden Falcons, as guitarist and onstage crazyman Joshua Weber is back in town from grad school. As he told me this week, "I miss being in a rock band!," so the dude'll probably go buck-nuts. And at Trees, Dallas' cream of hip-hop will throw down for the latest Final Friday show. The monthly gig's name takes special meaning this week, as this may very well be the final Friday for Trees, making performances by Headkrack, Money Waters, Steve Austin and King Ashoka that much more memorable. These guys are the local hip-hop heavyweights, newbies, so if you're curious to hear what I've been gushing about, find out on Friday. Tough choice between the two, but personally, I'm attending both.

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sam Machkovech