Pop quiz, hot shot: Name all the artists who're currently honored with murals depicting their likeness in Deep Ellum.

Hmm. Tough one.

Off the top of my head, let's see: Erykah Badu, The Reverend Horton Heat, Rhett Miller, Ronnie Dawson, and, as of 2009, The O's. Probably forgetting some others.

Anyway, the newest of the bunch was added earlier this month. Now, joining these bold-faced names on the brick walls of Deep Ellum is local singer-songwriter Madison King. You can find her mural in the Deep Sushi parking lot. 

Painted by Deep Ellum artist Frank Campagna (like all the others), King's portrait, it should be noted, comes before the release, even, of her debut album, which isn't expected until later this summer.

Still, newness aside, King isn't wholly undeserving of the honor. There's a certain, undeniable  grit to her country-tinged fare. Get a feel for her style after the jump, courtesy of a Rene Coronado-filmed video that matches up footage of King performing her song "Tough as Nails" with shots of Campagna painting away.

Next To The O's, The Reverend and Ronnie Dawson, Madison King Gets Deep Ellum Mural

Tough to find better pre-album promotion than this these days.

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