Even by Nickelback standards, Dark Horse is ridiculously brazen, comically outsized and defiantly Bruckheimer-esque.

The songs not explicitly about bonin' chicks concern such subjects as romancin' chicks ("I'd Come for You," an unapologetic quote of Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There for You"), the dangers of doing (the wrong) drugs ("Just to Get High," an unapologetic quote of GN'R's "Mr. Brownstone") and the power of positive thinking ("If Today Was Your Last Day," an unapologetic quote of Dr. Phil). The album closes with its best song, "This Afternoon," a monstrously catchy, feel-good country-rock tune about hanging out with your homies and "hittin' from the bong like a diesel train" while listening to CCR and Bob Marley.

Finally, a sentiment all (North) Americans can get behind.

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Garrett Kamps