Night Moves: Freaks and Fetish Party at Lizard Lounge

Maybe you told people you were hanging around, or even hooking up, at Lizard Lounge last Friday night -- but unless you're Tracie Hanna, you didn't really mean it. Performing with Courtney Crave as the suspension queen Crash, she dangled from flesh hooks in her back and knees over an enthused crowd last weeekend.

Crash was the second act at Lizard Lounge's Freaks and Fetish party, held for the 40th birthday of local Allen Falkner, a pioneer of body modification and flesh hook suspension techniques. The night kicked off the Dallas Suspension Convention -- Suscon -- a weekend-long gathering international suspension enthusiasts.

For the night's opening act, Havve Fjell of Norway's Pain Solution performed with fire (went down his pants), pins (went through his arms and face) and a bed of nails (well, if six nails make a "bed"), before stapling the audience's gratuities to his body. Austin's green tattooed, fork-tongued entertainer Lizardman emceed the night, before Falkner took the stage to pass cupcakes out into the crowd.

Check out more photos up in our slideshow here.

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