Nine Musicians Whose Deleted Tweets We'd Love To Peruse With Undetweetable

Here's the thing about musicians: Many of them are loud, messy, and opinionated. Social media has given them yet another outlet for their rantings and ravings, and we, as fans, eat it up whenever our favorite musicians go on Twitter and mouth off. 

Thing is, tweets are deletable. Always have been. So, surely, it would be as much (or more) fun to see what our favorite loud-mouthed musicians are deleting as it is to see what they are tweeting, right?.

Enter Undetweetable, a social media project launched a couple days ago and developed by a team of emerging media researchers at University of Texas at Dallas. Described by project leader Dr. Dean Terry as "part art project, part curatorial effort, and part social media experiment," Undetweetable collects deleted tweets from accounts that are entered into its database. 

"Anyone can enter any Twitter user in the database and it will start tracking their tweets that otherwise would have been deleted," explains Terry. 

Unfortunately, the site is only able to collect deleted tweets from the time that the user's name was entered into the database, which makes us wish that it was around when certain scandals went down (we're looking at you, Courtney Love and Chris Brown).

Still, for fun, we went ahead and entered a bunch of our favorite musicians into the database.

Click on the jump to see a few of the people we entered, plus a few that others entered before we could (and which have already started racking up deletions). Then head over to Undetweetable to enter in the Twitter handle of anyone whose deleted tweets you'd love to see. 

Oh, and click on "random user" for proof that Twitter should really have a breathalyzer attached. The lesson here, folks -- as always -- is that you don't put stuff out on social media that you're not comfortable with the world seeing.

Kings of Leon. We are kicking ourselves that we didn't enter in the Twitter accounts of Nathan (@doctorfollowill), Caleb (@OfficialCalebF) and Jared Followill (@youngfollowill) prior to their fail-tastic Gexa performance. Rest assured, they're in there now, along with their official @KingsofLeon account. So, if they delete anything good after today, it'll be accessible. We'll wait and see if this gets interesting.

Chris Brown. This drama magnet (@chrisbrown) was entered in by the Undetweetable folks, and he's deleted lots of stuff since his entry date of July 16. Sample deleted tweet: "Its funny how many second chances mainstream America gives some of their white celebs(Charlie sheen, kacey anthony, etc)". Yee-owza. We're not quite sure why he's using Casey Anthony as an example in this case, but, either way, his spelling sure is creative.

Mark Ronson. Too soon? Never! Although we wish this site had been launched prior to Amy Winehouse's tragic death, her producer (@iamMarkRonson) may still be deleting some interesting stuff, and his deletions might just provide more perspective into what happened, from someone who was part of Winehouse's inner circle. 

Britney Spears. Although @britneyspears was one of the first accounts added to Undetweetable in early July, Brit Brit hasn't yet deleted anything juicy. Give it time, though -- this could get good. 

Courtney Love. Though her account (@CourtneyLoveUK) is currently suspended, we're entering her back in to the Undetweetable system the moment she gets back on the Twitterverse. Although we were only able to follow her for about an hour the first time around (she generally tweeted about twenty times in a row, clogging our feed), seeing what she deletes could be fun. But we have a sneaking suspicion that she doesn't delete anything. She doesn't appear to have a filter on her mouth, so why should she filter her Tweets? 

Tommy Lee. The Motley Crue drummer's Twitter (@MrTommyLand) is just like you'd expect Tommy Lee's Twitter to be; there's lots of cussing, lots of "Dude!" and lots of "Bro!" He hasn't deleted anything as of Friday, when we entered him into the system, but Tommy's another drama king that might be funny to monitor. 

Ice T. Ice (@FINALLEVEL) has caused some scandal in the Twitterverse, most notably when folk songstress Aimee Mann criticized his acting skills; Ice recommended via Twitter that she "eat a hot bowl of dicks", and the Internet erupted as it is wont to do. We entered him into Undetweetable, as well as his bodacious wife (@cocosworld), who is known for posting pictures of her posterior. 

50 Cent. The rapper (@50cent) is another scandal purveyor. He caused a stir in the stock market when he boosted his stocks' sales by Tweeting to fans that they should buy, buy, buy. And he was also banned from Twitpic for posting sexually explicit photos. Like Courtney Love, his lack of filter makes us wonder if he deletes anything. We'll soon find out. 

John Mayer. Is he more famous for his music or for his dramatic personal life? Mayer's Twitter (@johncmayer) is pretty hysterical; we look forward to seeing what he doesn't want to get out there, although we really wish that Undetweetable was around during the "David Duke dick" days...

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