No Getting Freaky at Argyle High School

Dare to dream that a Footloose sequel would be filmed but if it was the case, filmmakers might consider Argyle High School, northwest of Dallas in Denton County. According to the Wall Street Journal, school superintendent Jason Ceyanes has a problem with freak dancing.

What is freak dancing you say? In short, it’s probably easiest to also call it baby-making dancing. The grinding of pelvises inspired by the world of hip-hop can best be described by this video posted on the article which plays more like PBS educational piece than actual news package:

The article breaks down the social implications of grinding and details the growing rift now between parents who trust their kids and those who agree with the superintendent. Desperate housewives are either going on the Google attack looking into Ceyanes’ past or giving him ammo with suggestive pictures pulled from popular community sites. The solution? WSJ reports:

He has appointed an assistant high-school principal to recruit dance instructors from local studios and universities to demonstrate what's appropriate and what's not for a school dance.

Two words. For real?

Calls to Ceyanes’ office haven’t been returned but in the meantime, we’ll wait to hear how the new dance codes affect their upcoming Winter Dance in December. Cue up the DJ. -- Rich Lopez

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.