10 Local Acts Livestreaming Concerts This Week

Catch Bayleigh Cheek's live performance on her Facebook page this week.
Catch Bayleigh Cheek's live performance on her Facebook page this week. Wyldcosmia

As we're cautiously beginning to transition back to some semblance of normal life, it may be hard to find shows to attend right away. But never fear, local acts are still doing their thing online. From longtime local singer-songwriter Kristy Krüger to the Pink Floyd tribute band Bricks in the Wall, you can pretty much see it all this week right from behind your screen.

Kristy Krüger

Local singer-songwriter Kristy Krüger has consistently hit the livestream throughout the pandemic. Before COVID-19, you might have seen Krüger at Allgood Café or Opening Bell Coffee. Krüger put out her latest full-length album Fever of Unknown Origin last year. But, according to The Dallas Morning News, she recorded some of the tracks on the album as far back as 12 years ago. Back then, she was touring regularly and had released four other full-length albums. She took a long break from music after a death in the family but is now making a comeback.

Bricks in the Wall
Founded in 1998, Bricks in the Wall set out to be the most successful Pink Floyd tribute band in the country. Over the years, they've created a name for themselves in Texas, eventually becoming the House of Blues Dallas/Houston official Floyd cover band. Lava Cantina in The Colony will host a livestreamed Bricks in the Wall performance, complete with their classic light show. You won't want to miss it.

Crueligans have been rocking Mötley Crüe classics since 2015. The band prides itself for their spot-on re-creation of the live Crüe experience. Their catalogue ranges from Too Fast For Love all the way through Saints Of Los Angeles. Join this band on Lava Cantina's livestream this week as they take you down memory lane.

Hightower Band
The Fort Worth country-surf-rock group Hightower has made a name for itself performing at venues across North Texas and putting out absolute bangers on albums like their latest, Echo Spring. If you didn't get a chance to catch the band live before the pandemic struck, Hightower has you covered with Hightower Happy Hour. It's a new acoustic concert series the band will be livestreaming every Friday from a scenic view of the North Texas Hill Country. Check them out at

Jade Nikol
Last year, local singer-songwriter Jade Nickol released her debut EP Murphy’s Law after putting out her second single, "Marijuana and Gin." The single and the EP starkly contrast with Nickol's first release, “Best Friends,” in which she tried her hand at country music. In May, Nickol told the Observer that she tried to wipe the internet clean of "Best Friends," frustrated with the initial direction she tried to take her music. "Marijuana and Gin" marked a new beginning for Nickol's music career, in which she wants to write songs that truer to herself. If you haven't seen her live yet, swing by her Facebook page for her Late Night Session streams, accompanied by Droo D’Anna, who fronts the Dallas band Droos Peace Crush, on

Jessica McVey
The smooth-singing local country singer Jessica McVey has been wailing all over North Texas for some time. She broke out with her debut single “John Deere in the Headlights” in 2018, and she hasn’t slowed down since. While everyone is stuck inside, McVey and guitarist Fletcher Moud will bring the music to the people with Quarantine Sessions every Wednesday. Tune in on McVey’s Facebook page to see them do their thing.

Paul Slavens
If you didn’t get to see Paul Slavens take the stage at Dan’s Silverleaf as the Spontaneous Song Generator before everything was shut down because of COVID-19, don’t worry. You can still see Slavens do his thing from the comfort of your own home while you're social distancing. Slavens will write and perform songs on the spot, improvising about whatever comes to mind. The audience will throw song title suggestions to him from behind their screens, and he’ll just run with them. You might hear songs about escaping the spiraling vortex of Ikea, robot children or whatever else people can think of. Find him on

Bayleigh Cheek
Since 2015, local singer-songwriter Bayleigh Cheek has hopped from stage to stage in North Texas with her candy apple-red electric guitar to accompany her haunting vocals. Her latest EP, Immortals, was released March 6. Cheek’s original blues-soul acoustic sound, mixed with the playing of local musicians Conner Farrell, Paul Grass and Jake Stewart, has brought a psych-rock feel to her music. Catch her at

Opening Bell Coffee Open Mic
The folks at Opening Bell Coffee are not letting a pandemic get them down. While you can't go to the venue this Tuesday to hear some primo local talent, you can hop on to the shop's Instagram page for its now-virtual open mic. Owner Pascale Hall, musician and open mic host Steve Jackson and Rangers broadcaster Eric Nadel are all putting in the work to maintain the shop's reputation of having the longest-running open mic night in Dallas. Tickets are $5 and every buck helps keep the place from going out of business. Find @openingbellcoffee on Instagram to tune in.

Mitchell Ferguson
Chord-slinging, heavy-hitting singer-songwriter Mitchell Ferguson has jammed across the country and beyond. Now he's taking his jamming to the internet. Ferguson hopped on Facebook Live for the first part of the quarantine with singer-songwriter Corina Grove. If you missed it, don't worry. The artist says there is more to come. Keep an eye out for his stream as he performs originals and covers and takes requests from viewers.
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