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NPR's Streaming The New True Widow Disc... So, You Should Probably Go and Listen To It.

A couple weeks back, you may recall, Eric Grubbs caught up with local "stonegaze" trio True Widow to talk shop and to talk a long, hard look at the band's sophomore album, the obnoxiously titled As High As the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth, the band's first for Kemado Record.

As we've long been telling you here on DC9, the disc is pretty phenomenal -- well worth the hype, we think.

And now we can finally back that claim up, thanks to the folks at National Public Radio, who, starting today and running on through the album's official release next Tuesday, are streaming the new disc in full.

Give it a listen. Really. If not because we say so, then because NPR calls it, music for a self-induced coma," which is a fairly accurate description.

Then catch the band performing at their album release show on Saturday night at the Double Wide. Or, if you want, head to the Double Wide tomorrow night, when the band will be doing the DJ thing at the venue, and maybe even sharing a few added treats you won't find on the album. Or so we hear.

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