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Glove to get drunk: Four years ago, the Dallas Observer took a feature-length look at the trials and tribulations that befell Rubber Gloves before it finally opened in October 2000. A series of disagreements with city officials, building inspectors and zoning boards threatened to keep the Denton music club from ever seeing an official, city-approved debut, and the whole mess started when current owner Josh Baish sought a mere liquor license for the building he'd been leasing as a rehearsal space.

Fast forward to 2005, though, and something that seemed unthinkable during the years of applications and license troubles has finally come true--Rubber Gloves received its hard liquor license last week. Though the club has legally been allowed to serve beer and wine since its 2000 opening, this news comes at a high point for the club. After all, recent stage and bar expansion has made it easier to rock out and grab a beer, and the club's booking has caught up to Denton powerhouse Hailey's in the past year with touring acts such as MC Chris, The Dirty Projectors and Bobby Bare Jr. alongside consistent local draws such as [DARYL], Fishboy and the pAper chAse. Even better, the addition of liquor won't affect the club's all-ages policy (just don't wipe those X's off your hands, kids).

Baish says hard liquor will go on sale sometime between two weeks and two months from now. In addition, progress still hasn't been made on opening the venue's outdoor area (which was used for late '90s gigs before the venue sought official licenses) for the sake of larger-draw shows. "At some point, God willing, I would love to open that outdoor stage again," Baish says, though as long as Denton continues to demand the extra bathrooms, fire hydrants and other amenities that they are asking Baish to pay for, which he estimates would cost "around $100,000," the outdoor stage will remain closed. In the meantime, while we wait just a little longer for our vodka-soda order, we raise our big-ass, 32-ounce plastic cups of Miller High Life to the Gloves.

Walker, Texas ranger: Going to Lake Lewisville on Saturday to do a little late summer fishing? Well, after you gut a few of God's beautiful creatures, stop by Pier 121 Marina's Lakefest, sponsored by 96.3 KSCS, for an all-day country concert benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. To be honest, headliners Jerry Jeff Walker and his son Django aren't our cup of sweet tea, but then again, neither is fishing at Lake Lewisville, so what the hell do we know? Besides, the whole thing benefits a good cause for only $20, and free food (which may or may not be fish-related) will be served.

Dallas city limits: Call us crazy, but we have a hunch that you're the procrastinating type. Or, more specifically, the type who hasn't yet gotten tickets for September's Austin City Limits Music Festival. Way to go, waiting Willy, because three-day passes have sold out (though one-day passes are still available as of press time). Luckily, the past few years have proven that you don't need to drive three hours to catch a good show during the ACL weekend. Procrastination's a bitch, so consider this a second-chance reminder to stock up on tickets to big-name Dallas concerts in late September. Along with arena-fillers The Black Crowes and Oasis, keep an eye on these sure-to-sellout concerts: On September 22, The Decemberists and Sons & Daughters play Ridglea Theatre, and Lucinda Williams plays the Gypsy Tea Room. September 23 sees Buddy Guy stop at Billy Bob's Texas, not to mention M83's pit-stop at Hailey's. Local pop-rockers The Happy Bullets support Mates of State at Hailey's on September 25, and the very next day, Built to Spill and The Walkmen overwhelm the Gypsy Tea Room.

Handstamps: Hometown hit-makers Bowling For Soup blaze through Firewater Bar & Grill on Friday night; we hope they play that catchy song about Mexican food and Blue Bell ice cream...Did you know that The Deathray Davies got press in USA Today last week? It was thanks to their music video for "Clock in Now," starring Kumar Pallana from The Royal Tenenbaums. Celebrate the band's plug at Barley House on Saturday; American Werewolf Academy opens.

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