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O'Death's David Rogers-Berry Drove Hours To See The Violent Femmes For His First Concert

Back in March, our own Kelly Dearmore was among the many who caught New York band O'Death's stunning set at the 35 Conferette (now 35 Denton). He loved it, as you can see form what he wrote:

As Josh T. Pearson and his beard watched on, New York's O' Death began their set and immediately impressed with their gypsy blend of roots, goth and rock. When most folks think of roots-rock, groups such as Lucero or maybe the Drive By Truckers come to mind, but with a prickly banjo added to some drums and an electric violin, O' Death might be much closer to a definition-appropriate version of a roots-rock band than those others really are.
Indeed, the self-proclaimed folk metal band sounds like an excellent conversion of Tom Waits' Island albums and folk. Touring behind this year's Outside, drummer David Rogers-Berry was kind enough to share with us his first show experiences in advance of his band's return to Denton this weekend for a gig at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

What was the first show you remember seeing?
I saw The Violent Femmes at The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There really wasn't much of a scene where I lived (which eventually lead to me moving far away to New York City), so we would drive hours to see shows in Myrtle Beach, Charleston or Columbia, and sometimes all the way across the state to Greenville. Even then, the pickings were slim. There was a little DIY hardcore/metal venue outside of Florence, South Carolina, called The Cootie Hut, but I was too young and that place stopped putting on shows before I was able to see any.

Were you with your parents?
My parents did not attend the Violent Femmes show, but they were really into music and were fond of recounting how they were the oldest people at a Widespread Panic show (back when that band was playing little clubs).

What was the first show you remember paying money to see?
I saw a lot of shitty bands because South Carolina rock venues were ruled by terrible post-grunge schlock, and I was desperate for rock n' roll, so I'd go see a lot of them even though I knew better. But I did venture down to Myrtle Beach again to see The Roots. That band has always been great!

What was the worst show you've seen so far?
Hmmn. Maybe Fuck Buttons.

And, what do you remember about the first time you played with O'Death?
Well, we used to drink a lot before we went on stage, so the only thing I remember from our early shows is what I've seen in pictures. There was this one day-party we played in my apartment back in college, where I fried chicken and we played this song, "Spitfire,"
twice because we'd only written five songs.

 O'Death performs Sunday, September 11, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

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