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Oh, So That's What Happened To Eve 6!

In case you were just dying to see the full line-up for Richardson's 16th Annual Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival, well, we've got the goods for you. And, by "goods," we clearly mean early 2000s flashbacks, celebreality stars and jokes from Saturday Night Live:

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo America Bret Michaels (who, it should be noted, is stopping by Richardson as part of his "Rock of Love" tour) Everclear Jerry Jeff Walker The Guess Who Loverboy Roger Creager Blue Oyster Cult Kathy Mattea Eve 6 Firehouse Quietdrive Ray Wylie Hubbard The Django Walker Band Slaid Cleaves Butch Hancock Jon Vezner Chris Smither Stever Fromholz No Justice Candy Coburn Le Freak ...and (a) Pink Floyd (laser show)!

I'm trying to decide if this is just slightly better than, just slighty worse than or just about on par with a state fair concert schedule...


I'm gonna go with slightly better--partially because I loved the crap out of Everclear's So Much For The Afterglow when it came out, but mostly because the price tag for the three-day pass (just 25 bucks) is reasonable enough to justify seeing the rest of the bands play that one song of theirs that you kinda know and maybe could get into if you were in the right mood.

Tickets to the May 16-18 festival go on sale on Monday at Tom Thumb grocery stores around the 'plex. I think you can walk--and, y'know, not run--to grab those, though.-- Pete Freedman

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