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Ola Podrida Gets the Remix Treatment From Denton's Abacus

Ola Podrida is a pretty weird name for a band--unless you grew up near the old theater of the same name in East Dallas as did singer David Wingo. Wingo split town to move to New York a few years ago, but he and the band will be back at Hailey's Club in Denton on Saturday, July 24, in support of their newest record, Belly Of The Lion.

Although he doesn't live here anymore, Wingo has several local connections, which includes extensive work scoring several of Richardson film director David Gordon Green's films. And now there's this: Denton electro-act Abacus, also a member of Sleep Whale, just did an impressive remix of Ola Podrida's "Monday Morning."

The remix is a far cry from the original version of the song, but the chilled-out rhythm and dreamy undertone that Abacus adds only enhances the song's already laid-back vibe.

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