Ola Podrida, Golden Bear & Leatherbag

Austin's David Wingo, who performs under the moniker Ola Podrida, grooves on where he comes from. Literally. The name under which he records his beautiful and spaced-out folk is a direct nod to the first time he ever performed in public—as a mouse at the Olla Podrida Mexican Market in Dallas, no less.

Another sign that Wingo weaves his past experiences into his music is in the way that he melds gorgeous, grandly picturesque vibes throughout his most recent album, Belly of the Lion. Again, that isn't much of a surprise, given his work as a film score composer for another former Dallasite named David: David Gordon Green. Indeed, setting the stage so that he can actualize a specific mood isn't exactly a new field for Wingo.

The way in which Belly progresses and crawls along is beyond fitting, given Wingo's movie-land gig. Over the course of the resplendent collection—one that Wingo recorded by himself in his apartment—there's a cohesiveness that entices the listener into treating this work as something akin to a concept album. Such sonic elegance is derived from the perspective of someone creating a landscape with a global view, and then choosing not to burden the creation with wall-rattling sound in order to force feed a theme. Instead, Wingo offers it warmly to those who long to submerge themselves into his beckoning, lush environs.

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Kelly Dearmore