Old 97's To Release Second Grand Theatre Installment On July 5

I happened to exchange a few notes this morning with Old 97's guitarist Ken Bethea, and turns out the timing couldn't have been better: Just a few minutes ago, Bethea wrote back to confirm that the 97's have finally set a release date for The Grand Theatre, Vol. 2. The second installment of songs from the recording session that put the band back on track will be released on July 5. (Originally, frontman Rhett Miller told us the record would most likely be released in May.)

If earlier conversations with the band are any indication, fans can expect the 13 confirmed songs on Vol. 2 to be a little less driving than the ones included in the first installment.

"Volume Two is gonna be a little more swing and a little more, well... softer," Miller told us back in October.

But don't expect a snoozer, either. On their Twitter account, the band's been geeking out over the masterings they've been hearing. And Miller also told us back in October that one track in particular, called "Brown-Haired Daughter," "might be the best song out of any of the songs that we've recorded."

Expect more as we approach the July 5 release date.

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