One Year Leads To Another: Granada Theater Announces Plans For Seventh Anniversary Bash

In August, the Granada Theater, which has for four years in a row now earned the title of Best Live Music Venue in our annual, reader-voted

Dallas Observer

Music Awards, will celebrate its seventh year under the watch of

owner Mike Schoder

. And, considering that the people who run venues tend to enjoy throwing parties in their venues, this much shouldn't come as a surprise: On Wednesday, August 3, the venue will throw its official seventh anniversary bash -- a tradition that usually leads to a good time,

as last year's event, featuring Built to Spill, Finn Riggins and Telegraph Canyon

no doubt showed.

The folks at the Granada might be facing something of an uphill battle as far as making this year's offerings stack up to past ones, though. The venue just announced the headlining performer for this year's anniversary party, which will take place on Wednesday, August 3. And, um, it's an interesting booking to say the least.

On the night of the anniversary, the venue just announced, the Granada will play host to a set from British New Wave act The Fixx, who are best known for their 1983 U.S. crossover hit, "One Thing Leads To Another" (see above video).

Yeah, it's an anniversary and all, sure. But they're really playing up the nostalgia card this year, huh?

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