Opeth, Pelican

Someone once wrote me a letter with the words "DEATH METAL" in big, bold caps. It might as well have read "DEATH THREAT," because I had committed an unforgivable sin by labeling the mighty Opeth a black metal band. This is a capital offense in Gothenburg, Sweden, you see, so to make up for it, I should probably drain a furry animal in the name of Odin and admit that Opeth is in fact simply a Swedish death metal band with progressive leanings (how that's not "black" is beyond me, but then again, I'm not Swedish). In spite of my apparent snafu, Opeth is one of the most interesting and varied heavy bands out there--the new Ghost Reveries is the latest testament--and you could do far worse than a thirsty Thursday accompanied by Chicago's prog-drone monolith Pelican.
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Michael Chamy