Oscar Snubbed: Five Reasons Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Shouldn't Have Gotten The Shaft

There's a mild controversy buzzing around the Oscar nominations, which were announced this morning, on the old Twitterverse. Christopher Nolan, you see, didn't get a Best Director nod for his work on Inception, and everyone's up in arms about it.

Honestly, though? From where we stand, the nominations are pretty dead-on in the "of course, that movie" department.

Except on one front: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Nigel Godrich doesn't get a some kind of nod for Original Music? Seriously?

Well, we think it should've earned a nom. And that's why we'd like to throw out an Oscar-themed listomania your way this morning. After the jump, check out the top five musical reasons why Scott Pilgrim vs. The World deserves at least some Academy recognition.

5. Nigel Godrich and Beck created a rich background of original songs.
Broken Social Scene, Frank Black and the Black Lips are featured on the original soundtrack.

4. Scott Pilgrim's fictional band Sex Bob-Omb! had music crafted by Beck.

3. Because of the coolest opening sequence of the year.

2. Ten films and four original song nominations.
One more woulda killed the Academy?

1. Beck's original song (played by Scott Pilgrim) "Ramona."
"Coming Home" from Country Strong is too melodramatic and heavy. "Ramona," which Scott Pilgrim gently warbles to Ramona Flowers in the film, is fun and genuine.

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