Over The Weekend: Acid Mothers Temple and O.G.O.D. at The Loft

Acid Mothers Temple, O.G.O.D
The Loft
April 16, 2010

Better Than: This week's Stargate Universe. The scenery look great when it was called Kobol in Battlestar Galactica.

The dim attic of The Loft saw Japanese experimental rock group Acid Mothers Temple grace its small stage on Saturday night.

And though awaiting the band was a small, 50- to 60-strong audience--peppered with a few older patrons, actually--the crowd had no issue flocking up against the stage to see four mature guys blow minds for an hour and fifteen minutes.

The band offered a bit of everything that extreme rock has to offer: some drone, some Miles Davis, and a good deal of British progressive. 

Synth player and backing guitarist Hiroshi Higashi started the set with a layer of treble from a '50s U.F.O synthesizer sound that persisted on to the end. But it was only after drummer Shimura Koji's bass drum sound was adjusted that the band really started. His bass drum rhythmically shook the Loft for the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, bassist Tsuyama Atushi provided memorable vocals in the form of ditonal Central Asian throat singing as lead guitarist and founding member Kawabata Makoto provided a variety of guitar styles from droning with a metal rod to psychedelic improv.

The crowd howled at the first tease of "Pink Lady Lemonade."

If you can call the night's theme mellow at all, this is where it happened.

When the clock struck midnight, the band transitioned to an energetic improv frenzy that took the crowd for a ride. As the jam got progressively faster and the lights fluxed around, Kawabata flailed wildly and swung his guitar like a droning windmill.

The band ended the set with Kawabata hanging up the guitar on the light rails and kept the drone going until the band left the stage and returned for a short encore.

California's O.G.O.D.--an acronym for Over-Gain Optimal Death and pronounced Oh God--opened the night. The band played 45 minutes of doom metal with at bit of Electric Wizard influence.

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Critics Notebook
Personal Bias:
I knew this band out of their reputation more than anything. Trudging through their dense, 15-year library to find the teases and tunes from their set is bound to get more habit-forming than collecting Magic: The Gathering cards.

By The Way: The full name of the band's current lineup is Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. That should make the hunt easier.

Random Note: Both acts ended their sets with guitar abuse calling back to Jimi Hendrix and The Who. I sort of felt sorry for the instruments. Guys: Do you respect wood?

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