Black Tie Dynasty at the Ridglea Friday night. (Jonathan Finley)

Over The Weekend: Burning Hotels, Black Tie Dynasty, Spring Indie Fest, PlayRadioPlay, Project Glam

It was an indie kind of weekend -- we saw Black Tie Dynasty and PlayRadioPlay! and hit up the Spring Indie Fest.

Burning Hotels, Black Tie Dynasty at Ridglea Theater

We drove on over to Fort Worth Friday night to catch Burning Hotels, Black Tie Dynasty and Odis at the Ridglea. As always, Burning Hotels put on a fully entertaining show. Our photographer snapped shots of all three bands, so don't think we skimped on Odis.

Spring Indie Fest at The Door

A handful of DdFW indie rock bands kept plenty o' fans in constant dance mode during this Saturday show. Highlights? Gazelles, Artist vs. Poet and Homer Hiccolm for starters. Plus, as promised we got to hear some new Hey Hollywood.

PlayRadioPlay! at Good Records

I caught a smidge of PlayRadioPlay!'s performance at Good Records on Sunday afternoon while taking pictures nearby. His soft voice definitely caught my attention – and that of the 20 or 30 others in the store. I'll admit, he flubbed a little, but I figured it was just a warm-up for his show later that night at the Granada with Yellowcard. Anyone see him later that night? Was it better?

Project Glam

Getting makeovers at Project Glam. (Melanie Gomez)

We switched into full-on girly mode Saturday afternoon at Project Glam over at the Addison Convention Center. There were makeovers and lots of jewelry and bath products to try and buy. Basically, it was mother-daughter afternoon heaven. If you feel you missed out on the girlification day, don't fret, we've got photos from Project Glam. -- Chelsea Ide

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.