Over The Weekend: Fetish Ball, Lollipop Shoppe, NovemberFest, Uppercase

This weekend was a little bi-polar between getting kinky at the Lizard Lounge and raising money via a bake sale up in Denton. Re-live the weekend here.

2007 Dallas Fetish Ball at Lizard Lounge

Does someone need a spanking? (James Villa)

Dirty boys, dirty girls and a dirty grandma had a hell of a time over at the Lizard Lounge Saturday night. The annual Dallas Fetish Ball offered up a foot fetish shrine, spanking table and rope bondage -- and that was just the warm-up. We just mingled and snapped pictures. (Hey, we're boring.)

NovemberFest at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

Like we would say no to a sale of baked goodies by our favorite local musicians (review) -- with all the funds going to the Denton Food Center. In addition to Brian VanDivier's crowd favorite beer bread, his band Tre Orsi ignited the crowd. Also, Shiny Around the Edges put on the best show we've seen by them to date. Oh, and they have pie making skills.

Lollipop Shoppe at Sloppyworld

Despite a woman confused by the concept of personal space, our man Rich Lopez had a hell of a time at Saturday's Lollipop Shop Glitter Glamboree. There was drinking, dancing and a handful of great DJs.

Uppercase at F6 Gallery

We like words. This probably isn't a big surprise, as everyone here at DC-9 is a writer. We're up for appreciating words outside of the traditional context. That's why we hit up the Uppercase art show over at F6 Gallery in Arlington Saturday night. The premise was straightforward enough, each of the artists showing -- more than 20 -- incorporated either letters or words into his or her artwork. Hopefully, the gallery will do something similar again. -- Chelsea Ide

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.