Getting 'Sick' at House of Blues. (Roger Caldwell)

Over The Weekend: Forever The Sickest Kids and Saturday Night Skate Jam

While I was caught up getting married Saturday night (yeah, I'm totally a missus now),


freelancers took the time to hit up a couple worthwhile events. First, Roger Caldwell headed to the Forever The Sickest Kids CD release show at House of Blues and took

plenty of pictures

for your viewing pleasure.

Then the lovely Krissi Reeves drove down to Duncanville to skate. Yes, you read that right. Central Booking (who bring The Party) hosted a Saturday Night Skate Jam at Red Bird Skate Land. She told us it was better than "Saturday nights at White Rock Skating Rink circa 1989. Those prepubescent evenings were awkwardly glorious, but this time there was beer." Read her review along side photos from the skate party. -- Chelsea Ide (last name change coming... eventually)


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