Haste the Day. (Solid State)

Over The Weekend: Haste The Day, Eleven Hundred Springs

We'll admit, this weekend was a lot of working for us. We've got big things coming on this blog in the next week or two – and guess when we were meeting with everyone? Yep, this weekend. Below are the two shows we loved from this weekend. Next week, we'll be back to the juicy, full Over The Weekend.

Haste the Day at The Door

Indiana's Haste the Day took over the The Door Friday night. The band highlighted the screamo night led off by Gwen Stacy (new, and surprisingly good) and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. We know we promised photos from this show in Thursday's print edition. We're sorry, but there were some technical difficulties (read: memory card corruption). Won't happen again. If anyone snapped some good pictures of Steven Keech and Co., do share.

Eleven Hundred Springs at the Granada

We're glad to see Eleven Hundred Springs, a true Texas country band, hold it down at the Granada Friday night. The band's nonstop touring has really upped its live show. (We'll give you a glimpse later this month in a video profile on the band.) -- Chelsea Ide

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