Over The Weekend: Lions, Dave Little, Electric Six, Beowulf

It felt like there were tons of great things happening Friday night, including three of our favorites. We're hoping next weekend will be a bit more even, so we can hit up even more.

Lions at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

Things got just the right amount of rowdy (pictures) Friday night at Denton's Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio as White Drugs, Max Cady and Austin's Lions ruled the stage. Our photographer Melanie Gomez can't stop talking about Lions' stellar performance. Let's just say, next time Lions are in town all of the DC-9 crew will have to hit the show.

Electric Six at House of Blues

"I've got something to put in you/At the gay bar." How could we not write about Electric Six? We want to meet up with E6 at any and every bar. It was a fun, funky, 'danger!'-filled time (admittedly with too many bros).

Dave Little at Opening Bell

Favorite regional comedian Dave Little kept the crowd rapt while opening for Salim Nourallah Friday night. The smart-ass comic does more than the traditional comedy songs, and provided a great balance to roots rocker Nourallah.

Beowulf: 3D Experience

OK, so the reviews are right. Beowulf is lacking on plot and the like, but has killer special effects. However, director Robert Zemeckis went all out on this 3D version everything pops and you literally feel as though you're "in" the movie (which can be a little overwhelming in the more gruesome scenes). The fight scenes and special effects are impressive in 3D. It's worth the extra cash for those silly glasses. A bunch of theaters are still offering it. -- Chelsea Ide

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.