Over The Weekend: Marilyn Manson, Dan Dyer, North Texas Battle of the Bands

So, leap day was busy. I know last week I asked who actually celebrates leap day, but there were lots of killer shows on February 29. We managed to get into the sold-out Marilyn Manson show (and brought our camera, of course), caught Dan Dyer's two-hour set and witnessed a real-life School of Rock. And that was just Friday.

Marilyn Manson commands the House of Blues crowd Friday night. (Jonathan Finley)

Marilyn Manson at House of Blues

Back when this show was announced, we got excited. Sure, Marilyn Manson tours plenty. This show, however, is our first time to see Manson reunited with bassist Twiggy Ramirez. The BFFs have electric chemistry on stage, and it showed at Friday night's show. To get a feeling of what the show was like, check out DC-9 photographer Jonathan Finley's concert photos.

Dan Dyer at Bend Studio

After watching Dan Dyer's two-hour set Friday night, our writer Darryl Smyers was left wishing he could grow a suave beard like Dyer's. That's the kind of effect the singer/songwriter has on people. Darryl told us the crowd was mostly female and audience members even cheered when Dyer took a sip of water. While we're pretty sure Darryl didn't let out any girlish screams at the show, he did find Dyer's set impressive.

Rhett Butler, a UNT alumnus, played while the judges made their final decision at the North Texas Battle of the Bands. (Melanie Gomez)
North Texas Battle of the Bands

Our photographer Melanie Gomez spent her Friday night watching 13-20 year-olds play rock music. I know. I know. Here's the thing, she told us they were awesome. The six finalists in the North Texas Battle of the Bands played Friday night at UNT in Denton for a chance to compete in the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus National Battle of the Bands and possibly score a slot on this year's Warped Tour. Fort Worth's The J. Walkers took home the trophy.

The show itself was like being in the finale of School of Rock. (You've probably caught the film on an airplane. They show it a lot.) Melanie tells us all the bands were damn good. She also shared these photos with us, so you can feel like you were there.

Salute at Firewater

We popped in at Firewater Saturday night to catch the Southern rock of Salute. We're always up for seeing a band who uses a mouth harp. Jonathan took a handful of pictures of the band on stage. Take a look, because the band doesn't have another show slated until April.

North Texas Irish Festival

We prepped for St. Patrick's Day by getting in the Irish mood at the North Texas Irish Festival. While we just took pictures at the event, most people were able to partake in the singing, dancing, shopping and drinking. Do we sound a little jealous? Well, yeah. -- Chelsea Ide

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