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Over The Weekend: Mini KISS at Jaguars Gold Club

Mini Kiss
July 9, 2010
Jaguars Gold Club

Better than:
watching a Dr Pepper commercial on loop.

In this TV-placement-is-a-necessity-to-survive era, many a band has established itself by getting its songs placed into television commercials. In that sense, Mini KISS, which has earned a small modicrum of fame from its Dr Pepper commercial appearance with the real KISS, is no different from, say, the Fratellis or the Ting Tings.

Except, well, for the fact that this is a tribute band. And, lest we take the obvious for granted, one made up of little people.

Make no mistake, though: This show was little more than a novelty act. There was no bass on stage--just two guitars a drummer and a frontman in this four-piece--and drum loops and backing tracks were piped in through the PA of the strip club that hosted this affair.

But people didn't come to this show to be wowed by proficient playing. They came for the spectacle. And they got it.

Three times even: Mini KISS performed three sets on this night. Three of the same sets, actually--all the way down to the stage banter.

And though the playing wasn't exactly amazing, it was fun. Crowds cheered and fist-pumped along to their favorite KISS (and, uh, Guns N' Roses and Van Halen/Kinks) songs.

But how fun was it, really? Well, fun enough to sit through the set once--and then maybe for half of the set a second time. That seemed to be the threshold for much of this audience. The club started off quite packed for the band's first set. By the end of the second, it had dwindled to about half its size.

The performance itself probably wasn't worth the $30 cost of admission, no. But the badge of honor that comes with saying you've seen Mini KISS live might be. Probably not, though. But, whatever.

Critic's Notebook
Personal Bias:
I like KISS OK. I like Dr Pepper OK. I like novelty performers probably a little too much.

Random Note: Despite this show taking place in a strip club, there were a lot of women in attendance. A surprising amount. And, yes, I mean patrons, not employees.

By The Way: I've now seen two concerts in area strip clubs. Little surprise here: Vinnie Paul Abbott's The Clubhouse is a far superior concert setting than Jaguars.

Set List:
Shout It Out Loud
Love Gun
Calling Dr. Love
(drum solo)
Detroit Rock City
Sweet Child o' Mine (GNR cover)
You Really Got Me (Kinks/Van Halen cover... credited on stage to VH)
Rock And Roll All Nite

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