Over The Weekend: Spoonfed Tribe, Wakarusa, Gazelles, Bob Dylan, Darkest Hour

While our reviewer didn't have a great time at the Wakarusa Winter Festival, these ladies were having a great time. (Melanie Gomez)

We hit up a couple decent shows (Gazelles, Darkest Hour), a lame one (Wakarusa Winter Festival) and heard some good news. Dive in:

Wakarusa Winter Festival at Club Dada

Friday night was like jam band-a-palooza over at Club Dada. Bare feet. Dreadlocks. A battle of the bands. Locals were vying for a slot on the Wakarusa Music Festival up in Lawrence, Kan. Overall, reviewer Krissi Reeves was damn disappointed. A few bands caught our attention one way or another, including Spoonfed Tribe, Snarky Puppy, Catfish Whiskey and A Partial Freakout. Our photographer found plenty of people having a good time at the show, so maybe it was just us.

Gazelles at Hailey's

Kelsie McIntyre and Aubrie Reiesgord had a hell of a time at Sunday's Gazelles show. (Roger Caldwell)

Denton favorite Gazelles played a stellar hometown set Sunday night at Hailey's. We weren't the only ones having a good time, as the photos we took at the concert prove.

Bob Dylan Coming to Dallas

We got all sorts of giddy Saturday when we learned that Bob Dylan will be at the House of Blues for a three-night stint February 21-23. We're recommending that everyone keep an eye on Dylan's official site for passwords to get in on ticket pre-orders. Officially, you can buy tickets on February 15, but we'd get in on that pre-order shit, if we were you.

Darkest Hour at The Door

At first listen, you might think Darkest Hour was from Sweden. Insane solos and melodic riffs highlight the Washington, D.C., band's three most recent albums. We suggest you pick up the latest, Deliver Us, for some American melodic slayage. Lucky for us, Darkest Hour is just as impressive on stage as it is recorded. The guitarists hit their metal stances and fly up and down the fretboard Saturday night. In a word: awesome.

Dallas County Trio Backing Obama

Dallas County District Clerk Gary Fitzsimmons, Dallas County Treasurer Joe Wells and Dallas County Clerk John Warren sent out a press release to make sure everyone knows they are backing Barack Obama. Uh, ok, thanks guys. -- Chelsea Ide

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.