Over The Weekend: The Evens, Action Sports Champs, Cowboys

Everything you missed this weekend -- or just really want to relive. We really wish we could spend dayssss with Mr. Ian MacKaye. His stories are amazing.

The Evens at The Public Trust

Ian MacKaye -- punk rock legend behind Minor Threat and Fugazi -- and his new partner-in-crime Amy Farina performed an intimate show at the Dallas art gallery Saturday. We were especially stoked to see Dick Lucas from Citizen Fish and the Subhumans at the show. We took pictures and reveled in the punk aura that MacKaye exudes.

Norman Mailer Dies

We mourned the death of novelist Norman Mailer, who died Saturday morning of renal failure.

LG Action Sports Championship at Reunion Arena

We couldn't resist watching the best in the action sports biz show off this weekend. We snapped pictures of a few of our favorites including Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist (pictured) and Neal Hendrix. Skateboarders, motocross riders, inline skaters and BMX bikers kept us fully entertained all weekend. Relive it in our photos.

Cowboys vs. Giants

After dominating the New York Giants 31-20, the Cowboys have a three-game lead and the inside track for their first NFC East crown since the quarterback was named Troy Aikman and the head coach Chan Gailey. We're considering the NFC East captured.

Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in Ft. Worth

All weekend long motorcycle enthusiasts (and a handful of reluctant family members) checked out the latest Harleys, Yamahas, dirt bikes and -- we were a little surprised by this one -- mopeds at this show. We photographed the fans and the bikes, and it lived up to our expectations. -- Chelsea Ide

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.