Overheard at Art Conspiracy III

Art Conspiracy III just ended at the former Gypsy Tea Room. I spent way too much and had way too much fun bidding, but it's for the kiddos, right? Plus, I love my two pieces by Guy Reynolds and Ryann Rathbone.

From auctioneers (who were incredibly savvy at suggestive selling, by the way):

"Pretend you're on your phone with your dealer in Belgium!"

"I'll ask you out myself for $300. Go there!"

"You gonna let her front you like that?"

"Are those just hands or are you actually bidding?"

From bidders:

"Oh my God, how much did I just win for?"

"This is addictive."

"I have to win something!"

"It's OK, sweetie, they take credit cards and it's for charity."

"No one's getting Christmas presents now."

"Face!" (I admit, I actually said--with hand motion--that to my very passionate head-to-head competitor during one auction.) -- Merritt Martin

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