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Passion Pit Drummer, New Dallas Dweller Nate Donmoyer To Spin Free Rio Room Set Thursday

Technically -- technically -- last week was supposed to be it for Rio Room's somewhat over-the-top, but nonetheless impressive summer-long offerings of DJ sets from bold-faced names. Diplo's performance was to be the cap in the summer's feather, and the weekly Sunday night residency from Grammy-winning Dallas production duo Play-N-Skillz was to start becoming a monthly with its Labor Day Weekend cue.

Not so on either front, turns out. Play-N-Skillz announced this week that their weekly will continue this Sunday night with a guest appearance from Houston rapper Slim Thug, who'll be in town celebrating his birthday, which is actually tomorrow and not Sunday, but whatever. No word yet on if he'll be asking for $5 gifts from each attendee, but it'd sure be pretty funny if he did.

Meanwhile, tomorrow night, the upscale lounge will continue with its impressive Thursday night offerings -- although somewhat differently this time around. This event will be free to attend (a sharp decline from last week's $40 Diplo deal, for sure), and will feature a new-to-Dallas name you should get to know ASAP: Nate Donmoyer.

In addition to serving as the drummer for Passion Pit, the dude who helms the band's remix duties and acting as a DJ and performer in his own right under the Shuttle moniker, Donmoyer moved to Dallas from New Orleans earlier this summer after his girlfriend got a job at a law firm in town

"She was born here, so we have some family connections, which is nice," Donmoyer says. "This is really the first month I havent been traveling much, so I'm finally getting to check out the what Dallas is all about. I really like what DJ Sober, DJ Killtron and DJ Sopa are doing and playing. But I also feel like there is room for a dance music scene that isn't bottle-service, radio Top 40 or brostep/bloghaus and beatport Top 40."

As such, expect his set tomorrow night to touch on some relatively obscure subject matters.

"I have been playing a lot of UK Funky, which is a heavily Soca-influenced style of house --  artists like Roska, Geeneus, Lil Silva, DVA, R1 Ryders, etc." Donmoyer says. "[Than and] what some people have been calling "future garage," which includes a whole range of artists from Joy Orbison and James Blake to Ramadanman and Appleblim to Kingdom and Egyptrixx to Blawan and CRST, all of which tends to reflect more regional bass musics from all over the world, like Juke, Club, Cumbia, Tribal, Bubblin, Bounce, Jungle, Miami, Funk Carioca and more. And, of course, some moombahton thrown in too!"

It won't be completely head-spinning, says Donmoyer, who also acts as the DJ when Passion Pit is booked for such gigs. He promises he's got plenty of other treats in store. Like, say, this one: "Oh, and I will be playing tracks from my new album I'm finishing up!"

Well, OK then! Welcome to Dallas!

Shuttle spins Thursday night at Rio Room.

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