Penny in the Fountain: Five Texas Bands We Wish Would "Reunite" This Year

As it goes with many reunions these days, the news of At the Drive-in's reformation neatly coincided with the release of the Coachella lineup on Monday. And yes, people are excited. "One Armed Scissor" doesn't sound especially dated these days, and The Mars Volta's 26-minute solo weed jam revue was getting sort of... tiresome.

So, of course we started thinking about other Texas bands that should probably reunite right before some big festivals this year. Here are our wishes in a jar.

Brutal Juice Sure, the Denton band's "reunited" a few times since breaking up in the late '90s, but there's obviously still a hardcore following that wants to see them break bottles over their head. They'd be a good pick for Fun Fun Fun Fest...

Geto Boys Well, they are on Twitter now, but that doesn't necessarily mean Houston's Bushwick Bill, Scarface and Willie D are going to be touring soon. Sure, Bill was threatened with deportation in 2010. And Willie D got out of prison last year. We're not asking for a new album. Just the early stuff. They'd also be good for Fun Fun Fun.

Lift to Experience I have yet to meet someone who did not talk about this Denton band in hushed, reverent tones. Seems like the chances are slim but... is Josh T. Pearson still in Europe? ...35 Denton?

Red Krayola They're obviously not going to tour, but this song remains one of the greatest to come out of the Houston psych scene. They'd be a good All Tomorrow's Parties pick.

Glass Eye This Austin group has also reunited a few times over the years, most recently for SXSW, and their music, amazingly, does not sound dated. This clip from The Cutting Edge puts their roots in perspective. Also, they could and should put on their own festival.

Who else?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.